My name is Jim and I provide technical knowledge to small businesses in the Willamette Valley.  Whether it’s fixing/building your computer/server, connecting you to the internet or designing your hybrid cloud infrastructure – I can consult and guide your business to use technology effectively and efficiently.  I also enjoy photography both on the ground and in the sky.  This website is my digital dumping ground and proof that I really exist.  Enjoy.


Sugar is my trusted companion.  She’s a 12 year old Lab who loves to be involved.  What website would be complete without a cute picture of a dog.


I’ve been fixing computers and building networks for the last two decades. It started as a hobby and turned into my full-time business.  I live in Corvallis and spend most of my time enjoying the outdoors, flying drones, photographing Oregon or learning the latest tech.


If you’d like to find me in Corvallis, head to Advantage Computing & Electronic Services at www.oraces.com