Website Design and Hosting

Websites are confusing.  Domain Names, DNS Servers, Web all gets mixed together and worse yet, maintaining your own website means dealing with everyone trying to trick you to use their service.  I'll take the guesswork out of it, provide you low cost hosting and charge you a yearly fee to monitor and keep track of all of it.  No more Drupal Upgrades to worry about, no more questions on when your Domain might need to be registered.  I'll gladly maintain your domain email for your or help you setup a Google Apps Business Account.  Need low cost, quick website design?  I'll gladly build you a simple site like this one and get you up and running on content or we we can design and build a simple HTML site to suite your needs.  My mentality is simple, easily navigated information that answers your visitors question within 2-3 clicks.  Contact me for more information or to get a quote.